Studies of Women

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Studies of Women

These images are each a visual metaphor that illustrates a chapter in the universal challenges facing girls as they become women, and are continued studies in fragility, vulnerability, and determination.

When I began creating these metaphorical images, I believed it was in response to the troubles that my daughter was having at the time with self-assurance, anxiety, and a myriad of other ails. Our work together with her as my model, and me as an artist brought us closer.

With this closeness and newfound trust, it was then that I heard stories, ones a mother never wants to hear. With trepidation, I began to respond with stories of my own, and then suddenly realized that we shared a common experience: the struggle to keep a strong identity when, as girls, we were suddenly thrust into the limelight as new women. We both agreed that we were totally unprepared for the assaults on our spirit.

This was before the Me Too movement, but when that came to light, I felt so reassured knowing how universal the problem was. I just wish we had a universal answer.

Each of my images has a title that I hope can lead the viewer to the story, leaving room for their own interpretations, without revealing too much. I hope that this can help lead others to feel some comfort in the sharing of stories, which would please me greatly as an artist.

I have used different photographic processes for these images as an artist, but only to tell more about the image or to set a mood. These are listed with each image.